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|337 Pong |337 Pong

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Fresh Copy from FLASHKIT!

Blam this pice of shit! This is a EXACT copy from FLASHKIT! es/Games/Full_Game_Source/Pong _Gam-miCky-5228/index.php

You could atleast have changed the Font man. This blows.


Davidus responds:

Calm down, asshole. You accusing me of stealing? Christ...

Marios Adventures(Level2) Marios Adventures(Level2)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Possible solution jumping

Hi MD and Chris,

I really like the game, okay, it might not look that brilliant, but the programming is great. The jump-bug is still there though... When you jump from the "bridge" wich fades away all the time you get to jump all you want again.
Perhaps you should work around it with a timer. For example: Disable the jumpkey for 1 second (approx jump time) and when counter hits <= 0 make it active again :)
Just a theorie though since i don't know how it is programmed.

Great work!